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How To Order & Photo Guidelines

Photo Guidelines

Phone photos are fine! Your best bet would be to provide a photo taken during the day or under strong lightning, especially if your dog has dark fur.

Try to catch the full beauty of your pup from the front, facing the camera, making sure that ears fit in the picture completely. The closer, the better - it allows for more detailed drawing!

It's better if the photo has no filters applied - otherwise it's hard to tell what the original colors of the photo were.


How to Order in 2 Easy Steps

1) Find your (or your dog's?) dream item and click on it
2) Add the product to you cart and complete the checkout process

After submitting the order, I will email you to discuss aaall the details! Once we agree on those, I'll get back to you with the finished drawing in less than 24 hours.

ONLY once you approve it, it will be printed & shipped (if you went for a tangible item) 😊 If you ordered a digital drawing, you can of course ask for minor changes too.

In case you want to first double-check that your special drawing requests are actually doable, feel free to get in touch over at Me-reply-fast.


Good photo examples


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