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100% of profits from dog merch go to a shelter!

The dogependent story

Hello lovely dog person!

Andy here, the founder of dogependent. Let me tell you a little (define little?) story... 


I've spent many hours walking dogs (and collecting poop) at the ''Sloboda Zvierat'' (translated as Animal Freedom) dog shelter in my country of origin, Slovakia. This was around my late teens/early twenties, before moving to London, UK and starting dogependent.

Having had the opportunity to see first-hand what kind of impact shelter doggies make on people - you know like when a pup moves just an inch, you need to tell all your friends and their friends - it was a no-brainer to find a way how to make their lives just a little bit more positive. (And make dog owners' & fans' happy along the way too, since happy hoomans equals loads of treats, right?)

So I got on my white horse... wait, scratch that. 

So I turned on my laptop and started building the Instagram community, first just re-sharing pics, because... dogs are cute and make you happy, right?

Few weeks in, while browsing the internets, I saw an ad for a company that puts your designs on merchandise.

At this stage, the universe probably went offline for a moment since it needed to send me all the available energy, for my brain to realise that...

I could start making dog art and put it on that merch, while donating ALL of the profits from it to the shelter where it all started!

Feeling like I've just won a gold medal at the olympics, I started building the website, choosing the right suppliers, products and secure payments methods. After few months, the web shop was ready. I've (with a shaky hand) announced the opening... and the rest is history (in the making).

At this point, you've trusted me with a drawing of your Rottie who crossed the rainbow bridge, Golden girl on a canvas as a birthday gift or bought one of my ready-to-order designs - it's very hard to put into words how much I appreciate that!

I raise my bowl to you because the dog community is just like no other - and it's an honor to be a part of it.

Feel free to contact me at if you'd like to have a friendly chat, you sure have dozens of stories and dog pics to share!

Thank You,
Andy Turba

Andy dogependent

Founder | dogependent



This is the shelter I'm talking about the whole time -


You can find some of my non-dog related art here too - to make it clear, I keep profits from any item sold that is not dog related.