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I donate 100% of profits from merch!

You are helping dogs in need. How?

Hello lovely dog person!

Andy here, the founder of dogependent. You must be curious how does your order in particular help dogs in need? Let me tell you a little story...

I've spent many hours walking dogs at the ''Sloboda Zvierat'' (translated as Animal Freedom) dog shelter in my country of origin, Slovakia. This was around my late teens/early twenties, before moving out of the country and starting dogependent.

Having had the opportunity to see the passion & dedication of the volunteer and senior staff there, who work tirelessly and go out of their way on a regular basis, it was a no-brainer to make their work, and especially the life of the local dogs & other animals (at times 300+ of them), a little bit easier.

By citing their own words - ''every little helps'' - I want you to know that by shopping with us and thus joining the dogependent family, you are becoming a part of something much bigger. And you deserve a big 'thank you' for that!

I hereby confirm that minimum 10% of our profits will be donated to Sloboda Zvierat on the 1st of every month via bank transfer. This will help with food, surgery, medication, cleaning and many other bills!

Feel free to contact me at if you'd like to see a proof of these donations or let's just have a chat, you sure have dozens of stories and dog pics to share! :)


Founder | dogependent


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